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Author: Yvonne Line

My textile art quilts are such an integral part of my life that, even if I am unable to sew, I will think and plan about the subject almost every day. The joy is in the planning and the doing of the current piece or pieces to come. Yvonne has had three solo exhibitions and has produced over one hundred art quilts and has been hung in 40 major exhibitions and galleries.

A great opening at the National Wool Museum gallery, Geelong

Report form John Lamb. More photo’s to follow but the opening was vibrant!  The range of real art quilts was terrific.  I had not seen so many creative quilts in one room before. The crowd were as interesting as the Read More

National Wool Exhibition, 2010, Geelong Regional Gallery, Victoria, Australia.

Winter Garden  2010   136cm x 72cm.  I look at my garden and see the different colours and textures of the earth, compost and fallen leaves strewn everywhere with the wind.  Occaionally, there is a flash of colour from winter flowerings.  Read More

Broken Dreams

‘BROKEN DREAMS’                                                                                  119 cm  x  115 cm The idea for an artwork will come from many different places.  This one started out as a piece of crunched up taffeta that I found as I rummaged through a box of fabrics Read More

Sydney Red Gum, 1994. 162cm x135cm

In the Bobbin Head National Park, north of  Sydney, NSW Australia, there is this very old Sydney Red Gum growing right on the edge of a sandstone cliff.  It sheds its bark every year and all these wonderful shapes and Read More