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Category: Abstract designs

‘Memories’ selected finalist at The Campbelltown Arts Centre.

Yvonne Line's crazy patchwork quilt

I am very excited to have been accepted into the Fisher’s Ghost Art Award.  My ‘memories’ are built from the remnants of  my sewing for family, friends and many years of sewing costumes for ballroom dancing and brides.  The centre panel was found Read More

National Wool Exhibition, 2010, Geelong Regional Gallery, Victoria, Australia.

Winter Garden  2010   136cm x 72cm.  I look at my garden and see the different colours and textures of the earth, compost and fallen leaves strewn everywhere with the wind.  Occaionally, there is a flash of colour from winter flowerings.  Read More

Broken Dreams

‘BROKEN DREAMS’                                                                                  119 cm  x  115 cm The idea for an artwork will come from many different places.  This one started out as a piece of crunched up taffeta that I found as I rummaged through a box of fabrics Read More