Yvonne Line accepted into International Year of Forests exhibition.

Three of Yvonne ‘s art quilts have been accepted into the Forest Threads exhibition.  This exhibition celebrates the International Year of Forests at the Whitehorse Art Space, Box Hill Town Hall. 

These quilts are a triptych exploring three layers of the forest, the canopy, the understorey and the forest floor.

“My senses were overwhelmed with the variety of textures and I want to touch everything in the forest.  Similiarly, I want people to feel they want to explore the textures of these quilts.”  Y.L. Nov.2011.

This exhibition has art quilters from around Australia, demonstrationt their talent, skills and originality in interpreting the theme  of Forest Threads.

The exhibition is on at the Whitehorse Art Space, Box Hill Town Hall, 1022 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill, Victoria, from Friday, 11th November,  to Thursday, 21st December, 2011.Yvonne Lines 'Layers of the Forest' textile art series

Each quilt measures 89 cm down x 114 cm across.

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