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Broken Dreams

‘BROKEN DREAMS’                                                                                  119 cm  x  115 cm

The idea for an artwork will come from many different places.  This one started out as a piece of crunched up taffeta that I found as I rummaged through a box of fabrics left over from old ballroom dancing outfits. I generally name a work in progress, very early in its construction, but this one, I didn’t.  I continued to work on it as my marriage broke down after 29 years.  Tears were falling and I noticed that they were staining the work.  I was so upset that I cut into it and left it on the bench and walked away.  Later I returned and decided that I was not going to let circumstance beat me.  If tears were going to be there, then, there they would stay!

Hand pieced and sewn, net and various fabrics, paint. 

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